WE Connect Release - 8/23/23 - Sprint 74

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Cellular Broadband Usage Widget

  • A significant challenge businesses face is managing their cellular data usage to avoid overages. In response to multiple customers requesting help in this area through WE Connect, we introduced a new Cellular Pooled Plans widget on the dashboard. The widget provides customers with the latest status of a plan and offers visual indicators (icons and color) for each of the three status levels: "On Track, At Risk, and Overage."

(Located in the +Add Widgets library)


'Customer Reference ID' Field

  • To improve the ability for customers to cross-reference and track their service tickets, we've added a field to the ticket creation page that allows users to input their own internal tracking system ID, which displays within the Service Ticket Details field "Customer Reference ID."

(Located in Support menu under New Service Ticket Request)

Updated Scheduled Network Maintenance Export Report

  • We've updated the Export to reflect the Start and End Date & Time in the user's Time zone for clearer communication of the timing of upcoming network maintenance events.

(Located in Support menu under Scheduled Network Maintenance Calendar)


In WE Connect, we take exceptional care to ensure the right billing information and functionality is available to our users. With that we have made the following updates.

Enhanced Performance

  • We’ve recently released new underlying architecture in this area. This optimizes the user experience and improves performance for our customers, which is so important when making payments and viewing invoices.

(Located in Billing menu)

Improved Invoice Reporting

  • We've updated the system to allow recently disconnected accounts to continue to pull invoice reports for up to 4 months in arrears, ensuring customers can access their billing reports even after their account has been disconnected.

(Located in Reporting menu under Billing & Invoice)

Purging of Inactive Accounts

  • We have purged legacy billing account numbers that have been inactive for over 13 months from WE Connect portal hierarchy lists.

(Located throughout the portal)