HD Meeting & Microsoft M365 or O365 integration with oAuth2.0

Jason Huffey
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HD meeting is a powerful virtual meeting solution that has a seamless workflow with the Microsoft and G Suite family of products. As of July 2nd, 2023 Windstream has deprecated the ability to authenticate with both Microsoft and Google services using the oAuth 1.0 protocol. oAuth2.0 is the only supported integration that requires (in most cases) admin approval from the management dashboard in the Microsoft Admin Center and configuring the Admin consent workflow.

To summarize this integration let's dive into the global settings in HD Meeting, and then point you to the Microsoft portal to go through the steps to allow access of HD Meeting and Microsoft services. The second step might not be needed depending on your environment of M365 admin consent. Recomendation is to start with the HD Meeting setting (w/admin access) and then test, move to step 2 with M365/O365 below.

HD Meeting Global Consent

This is a very simple process and use these two screenshots when logged in as an account administrator to enable this radio button.

Microsoft Admin Consent Workflow (If needed)

Microsoft Azure's Active Directory offers an Admin Consent Workflow feature that simplifies the process of granting application access to users. This feature is designed to provide a secure method for users to request access to applications that require administrative consent.

When a user attempts to access an application and is unable to provide consent, they can send a request for administrative approval. This request is then sent via email to administrators who have been designated as reviewers. These reviewers can then take action on the request, and the user is notified of the outcome.

It's important to note that being designated as a reviewer does not automatically elevate a user's privileges. To approve requests, a reviewer must have the necessary permissions to grant administrative consent for the requested application.

To enable the Admin Consent Workflow, you must be a global administrator. The process involves signing into the Azure portal, selecting Azure Active Directory, and navigating to the Admin Consent Settings under Consent and Permissions. Here, you can configure various settings such as who can review admin consent requests, whether to enable email notifications for requests and reminders, and how long requests remain valid.

Please use this Microsoft publication to allow HD Meeting to access M/O365 for the main purpose of calendar integration using oAuth2.0.