WE Connect Release - 1/26/2023 - Sprint 66

WindstreamEnterprise Administrator admin
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Providing tools to help our users navigate and manage their Windstream Enterprise online portal experience. Changes in this release:

General UI: Table / List Enhancements - For pages that display tables/lists of information,

  • The addition of tags on the filter header will assist you visually on identifying your results.
  • The filter action of collapse/expand is clearly identified by the use of 'link blue' (color denotes a clickable feature).
  • Action menus (aka hamburger menus) consolidate the various ways you can interact with the list (example, export, refresh, etc.).

Billing: Scheduled Payments - When paying your bill through the WE Connect portal.

Conditions have been expanded for scheduling your payments for a future date (prior to the due date). This, in addition to the current one time payment, and recurring auto payments, provide ultimate convenience when paying your bill online.