WE Connect Release – 10/21/2022 - Sprint 63

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edited October 2022 in Release Notes

Performance Enhancements

WE Connect performance enhancements help customers save time. This month, you’ll see great advancements in load time of the User Manager, Insights, and Offers landing pages. The Manage Locations right-side flyout load time is also improved. 

Network Maintenance Export Enhancement

The Network Maintenance calendar, available under the Support top-menu, gives a big-picture view of the Windstream’s scheduled network maintenance event details for two weeks. Exporting the results allows customers to view a larger picture of history and the current two week period. This month’s enhancement adds columns to the export including Account Number, Impact Type, Duration, Service Affecting, Schedule Type, Impact Time Start, Impact Time End, A Loc, Z Loc, Status (completed, upcoming, cancelled, postponed), and Last Updated Date.

User Manager – Customize Grid Enhancement

WE Connect elevates the Administrator experience in User Manager with a powerful Customize option. Use the Customize feature to select and de-select grid columns on the User Manager grid. Administrators now control the amount of information displayed on this grid.  

User Manager – Customize Service Permissions

WE Connect raises the Administrator Invite User experience with a new and simplified Custom table for services. By default, Custom sets all services to No Access. Mix and match the right permissions in this uncomplicated display.