WE Connect Release – 8/18/2022 - Sprint 61

Your WE Connect Support teams are always working on ways to make it easier for you to do business. The following enhancements and modifications are just some of the areas where WE are making this happen.


OfficeSuite Live is a premier product, offering business-grade virtual meeting solutions for Windstream Enterprise customers. OfficeSuite Live makes it easy to meet, chat, collaborate, and share from anywhere. WE Connect is now your one-stop shopping portal for OfficeSuite Live. Simply use the top-menu path Services > Products > OfficeSuite Live Licenses.

The one-page ordering experience follows a simple design to 1) select the user for a virtual meeting 2) select the billing account 3) review the added service terms and 4) submit the order. 

Managing Portal Users Permissions – (Admin Only feature)

One of the most fundamental sections of the WE Connect portal is adding and managing users of the portal account. What a user sees in the portal is based on their level of permissions, and it’s the Portal Admins that define the access permissions of each user based on account and feature. A new access level selector that allows the Admin greater visibility to what is being selected and search capability to edit. This option is available for Orders, Billing, Support and some of the Services.