OfficeSuite Live FAQ

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1.    Is there a minimum term requirement?

a.    No. A month-to-month term is available. Standard OfficeSuite terms are 1- to 7-year contracts. However, there are advantages when you consider discounts, bundles with other products and service guarantees.

2.    Does this product need to be purchased with other Windstream products or can it be purchased individually?

a.    OfficeSuite Live is supported as a standalone product. However, it is designed to work seamlessly with OfficeSuite UC® to enable multi-channel communications between internal employees and external contacts. Additionally, we have integrations with CCS (Contact Center Services) and our WE Connect Windows Desktop Application

3.    Is OfficeSuite Live another version of a rebranded product?

a.    No. OfficeSuite Live is our code, built from the ground up on the Chime SDK. We developed it and will enhance it based on input from various sources, including clients, internal users, and product experts.

4.    Is OfficeSuite Live replacing OfficeSuite HD Meeting®?

a.    No. OfficeSuite Live is expanding Windstream's offering in the collaboration space by targeting small to medium businesses.

5.    Can a 1:1 direct (or extension to extension) call be placed outside of a meeting?

a.    Yes, in the WE Connect Desktop Windows APP only at this time. OfficeSuite Live is primarily a meeting solution. Direct 1:1 video calls to other users are only supported in this fashion currently. We will build this out in all aspects of OfficeSuite Live in the near future. It does not have phone dial-in numbers for web conferencing. If this user need exists, consider OfficeSuite HD Meeting.

6.    Can a meeting have dial-in or PSTN numbers added?

a.    Yes. Currently, OfficeSuite Live supports both VoIP, computer-based audio and PSTN Dial-in VIA a global 10-digit number You can join as an audio participant by not enabling your camera. Each license will get an individual 10-digit pin.

7.    Is OfficeSuite Live supported on mobile browsers?

a.    No. We support mobile users with the OfficeSuite Live Mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Please download at the iOS app store HERE, or the Google Play Store HERE. OfficeSuite Live is only supported on Google Chrome for Windows or Mac desktop devices in browser experiences.

8.    Do I need to allow access to my microphone and camera?

a.    Yes. You must allow your browser (Google Chrome recommended) access to your microphone for audio and camera for video. In Chrome, simply click the padlock icon next to in the address bar.

9.    Can I set persistent access to my microphone and camera?

a.    Yes. Persistent access will be enforced when the steps in ‘Question 8’ above are completed.

10.  Can I record meetings?

a.    Yes, One-click Cloud Recording and sharing of the link on the conclusion of the meeting with the attendees for up to 30-days, for viewing from the cloud or downloading

11. Is there a cloud recording of the meeting?

a.    Yes, record meetings with one click and save Recordings in the Secure AWS Cloud for easy file sharing

12. Are there mobile applications?

a.    Yes. there are mobile applications for iOS or Android available. Please download at the iOS app store HERE, or the Google Play Store HERE.

13. Are there desktop applications for Windows and Mac?

a.    Yes. OfficeSuite Live is available in the WE Connect Desktop Windows (macOS is in development) app. OfficeSute Live is also 100% web based on WebRTC technology, so a desktop application is not needed.

14. Can multiple people share their screens at one time?

a.    Yes. Multiple people can share, and other users can toggle between screens.

15. Can I join multiple meetings at one time?

a.    Yes, however, it is not recommended as it would be a challenge to manage the audio/video between multiple meetings. You would also have to do so, as a guest participant for the second joined meeting

16. What is the maximum number of participants in an OfficeSuite Live meeting?

a.    The maximum number of participants is 250.

17. Do all users have the same license?

a.    Yes. There is only one seat type of OfficeSuite Live. All seats are of equal value with access to the same features and number of participants.

18. Are Bluetooth headsets supported?

a.    Yes. Bluetooth 4.0 and up is recommended for a high-quality experience. See the quick start guide for a few headset type recommendations.

19. Does Windstream recommend a specific browser for OfficeSuite Live meetings?

a.    Yes. At this time, users should use Google Chrome.

20. Can I share remote desktop controls in OfficeSuite Live?

a.    No. Remote desktop control sharing is not available.

21. Are there UI themes available?

a.    Yes, we have two themes including dark mode and 3 color modes .

22. Can I share the entire desktop or one application or browser tab at a time?

a.    Yes. All of these actions are available—desktop, application or browser tab sharing.  

23. Can hosts mute all and stop all video in one click?

a.    Yes. The host or co-host can invoke mute all and stop all video sharing with one click. Individual users must then unmute themselves or start their video share.

24. What are the chat capabilities of OfficeSuite Live?

a.    Since OfficeSuite Live is a meeting-only technology, chat messages are not available outside of the meeting space. In the meeting space, group and/or one-to-one chats are available. However, with OfficeSuite UC for internal users, there is a chat function that can be used from the same application with OfficeSuite Live.

25. Can I set a meeting password?

a.    Yes. You may choose your password on meeting creation before launching the meeting. Minimum password length is 4 characters. There are no complex password requirements.

a. PSTN Dial-in also have the ability to have a numeric pin

26. Am I able to switch device peripherals during the meeting?

a.    Yes. You can change the configuration of your audio and video devices during an in-progress meeting.

27. Can I sort the attendee video tiles?

a.    No. The video tiles may not be sorted, although you can use the pin functionality to choose the participants that appear at the top of the tile space during grid view or content sharing.

28. Are there multiple video options for bit rate?

a.    No. Currently, all videos are at 720P. Development intentions were to have a very high-quality video experience. Algorithms are in use to dynamically change the video experience according to available bandwidth.

29. Are virtual backgrounds or a blur screen available?

a.    Yes, virtual backgrounds and blur screen options are both available.

30. Is there a way to schedule a meeting or generate a personal link to share with others?

a.    Yes, meetings can be scheduled either in the OfficeSuite Live application or with the Outlook add-in. Also, you can invite an atendee to a meeting with the invite feature in an in session OfficeSuite Live meeting. Or lastly, simply share the URL of and your personal meeting ID.

a. PSTN Dial-in audio is also added to these methods of inviting attendees

31. Can I schedule meetings in O365 or Outlook?

a. Yes, OfficeSuite Live has an Outlook add-in that integrates with your Outlook calendar. A full write-up on the installation and use can be found HERE.

32 . Can I order OfficeSuite Live in the WE Connect Portal?

a. Yes, orders can be placed for buying the OfficeSuite Live product for the first time, or a additional purchase. Upon allocation the end user will receive a welcome email that their account is ready. This is usually pretty close to realtime, although this can take up to 4 hours.

33 . Are their premium audio options such as notice supression or auto-mute on exceeded threshold of sound input?

a. Yes, OfficeSuite Live does have noise suppression that can be enabled or disabled by the end-user. At this time there is no Auto mute capabilities for exceeded thresholds of audio input being automatically detected.

a. Noise suppression is also on the dial-in audio participants, which can also be controlled by the host controls remotely

34 . Does OfficeSuite Live support single sign on (SSO)?

a. Yes, OfficeSuite Live does support the same SSO 3rd party intergations that OfficeSuite UC does since the credential engine is shared. The 3rd party SSO integrations that are supported are, Microsoft, Google and Okta.

35 . Are there any other Windstream solutions that OfficeSuite Live works with?

a. Yes, CCS (Contact Center Services), is integrated with OfficeSuite Live as the collaboration engine for Agents to escalate the session to video with customers (far end).

b. Also, a full user experience is available in the OfficeSuite UC application for Windows. MacOS is in development

36. WE Connect application sharing limitation when screen sharing

a.    Currently there is an application limitation when using the WE Connect app for Windows that you cannot share individual browser tabs (like you can while using OfficeSuite Live through a web browser), you can share the entire desktop and then show your browser such as Chrome. This is working as designed.

37. Will a meeting automatically end, or is there a session idle timeout?

a.    No, as long as there is more than one participant in a given meeting the meeting is considered valid and will continue to be "in-progress" from a system level and will not end.

38. Is there a waiting room for participants to be in while the host allows them to join?

a.    Yes, but the meeting must be locked or have the "Lock Meeting on Start" enabled when scheduling the meeting from the user interface or the Outlook Add-in. When this is enabled then all users weather an Video/Audio user over VoIP, or PSTN Dial-in only users will go into the waiting room.

39. Is Closed Captioning/Live Transcriptions (or subtitles) supported in OfficeSuite Live?

a.    Yes, closed captioning is supported. Functions available are enable/disable live transcriptions, download text file of transcription, adjust text size, and dock position (bottom of screen, or docked left).

40. Is Language Translation supported in OfficeSuite Live?

a.    Yes, language translation is supported. Live audio translations in 11 different languages are available. The original source audio will still be present but at a lower volume. The user sets the desired language in the 11 available in the drop-down, and then enables the live translations button in the user interface toolbar. The speaker type selection can be set to Male or Female.

41. Is Cloud Recording Management available in the mobile app for OfficeSuite Live?

a.    Yes, and this is a differentiator for OfficeSuite Live. A host can initiate and manage the recordings in an active meeting session, as well as use the full recording archive for playback and sharing.

42. How many users can simultaneously record a meeting in OfficeSuite Live?

a.    Only one at this time, a notification will be supplied in the user notification banner to provide information about who is recording and the duration of the recording.

b. It should also be noted that when a guest or signed-in participant requests that the meeting be recorded the recording message will be shown that the "host" is recording. The user or guest that requested the meeting to be recorded can control the recording (pause/resume/stop). On conclusion of the meeting, the host will be the only participant to receive the recorded meeting and they must share from their archive.

43. Can I invite or share the in-progress OfficeSuite Live meeting?

a. Yes, there are two ways an in-session meeting can be shared inside of the OfficeSuite Live user interface. First, you can share it via email by entering in the email address in the send field. Second, you can invite by SMS/text message by inputting a 10-digit number that is capable of receiving text messages. Both will send a formatted invite with a URL and a PSTN dialing option.