Is there any way to ignore calls or mute the ring on Mitel 6920?

I have a 150 Mitel 6920's and when an incoming call comes in the only thing that shows up on the soft keys is Answer. There is no Ignore or Silence or anything. Pressing the drop call button does nothing, neither does mute mic, hold, or any other button I can configure. You can't even turn the volume down all the way to mute the ring. This makes 0 sense at all to me. I refuse to believe they would make a phone that is forced to ring unless on DND. How can I allow users to mute calls coming in so people on meetings dont have to hear their phone ringing in the background.


  • Yeah - that's how it was with with the 5320s. There is no silence or ignore function in the phone system.

    I usually unplug my phone or sign it out when I don't want it to ring.

    We have been dealing with this for 5 years - get used to it - it's not going to change.

  • Rob_Marschall
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    May I assume that you're using OfficeSuite UC with these Mitel 6920 phones?

    If so, program a Do Not Disturb (DND) key on your phone.

    When a call is ringing, press the DND key and it deflects that call to your coverage destination (e.g. Voicemail). It doesn't put your phone into full DND mode, it just deflects that ringing call. The next call will ring normally, and you can chose again to answer it or deflect it via DND.

    To program a DND key on your OfficeSuite UC Mitel 6920, log into the WE Connect portal and click "Configure" in the My Phones widget on your OfficeSuite dashboard. Identify an unassigned key and select "Do Not Disturb" from the drop list. Save.

    You say you have 150 such phones, so you may wish to program a Phone Key Profile and put the DND key on every phone. Log into the WE Connect portal with OfficeSuite administrator credentials, then click "Phone Key Profiles" from the OfficeSuite flyout on the left side of the dashboard. Create a profile for the Mitel 6920 with the DND key in the spot you desire. Save. Then assign that profile to the extensions that use the Mitel 6920 phone. NOTE: Assigning a phone key profile after individuals have programmed keys on their phones will cause any previously programmed key in that same position to be overwritten with the key(s) in your Phone Key Profile.

  • still rings with our mitel 5340e on DND