CCS Feature Highlight - Multimedia Agent Licenses (Webchat and Text)

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Contact Center Multimedia Agents (Webchat and Text)

Contact Center has expanded its multichannel offering by introducing Text (SMS/MMS) Queues to its existing portfolio of voice and webchat. As consumers look to be more efficient in engaging with businesses, they are looking to text messaging over voice or webchat. Now, with CCS Multimedia Agents, all chat and text conversations can be handled directly in the portal and all conversations are retained for reporting purposes. Multimedia Agent licenses are an available add-on for Contact Center Agents and will include both existing webchat as well as SMS/MMS chat. Each Multimedia Agent includes unlimited webchat and a pool of 100 SMS/MMS messages which are shared among all Multimedia Agents. Additional messages are billed at $0.02/message. The businesses’ DIDs can be enabled for text (SMS and MMS), and then can be pointed at existing chat queues or added to a new queue. 

Tenant Admins will select DIDs under the Resources section to view all DIDs associated with their Tenant. Once a DID is edited and made available for being Text Enabled, the DID may take several minutes or hours to be fully enabled. When a DID is fully enabled for texting, the Admin can either create a new queue or edit an existing queue so that texts sent to that DID route to and are served by that queue. Queues may have a single text-enabled DID or may use multiple DIDs. Wait treatment messages, stall messages, preliminary questions, and wrap-up questions all work with these texting sessions just as they do with chat. Similarly, coaching, monitoring, and barge-in all work for text queuing as well. 

Customers may purchase the Multimedia Licenses directly from the Customer Portal. To initiate and order in the portal, select CCS Services from the OfficeSuite flyout and Buy Licenses. The purchaser will see Multimedia from the dropdown and can select the number of licenses needed. *Multimedia Licenses may only be sold and provisioned to existing Contact Center Agents. This is not available with eQueues or as a standalone service.  

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