OfficeSuite Live IP Address and Port Info

Jason Huffey
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This technical document is meant to provide customers with the correct information on the OfficeSuite Live product and how it interacts with their IT infrastructure. It is meant to provide info for configuring firewalls, networks (WAN and LAN), and traffic queues. This can serve as the information needed for you, your technical team, or your IT professional to configure your network to have a pleasing user experience with OfficeSuite Live.


When accessing OfficeSuite Live,  Windstream recommends allowing traffic to the following IP Addresses, Ports, and Hostnames to fully interact successfully with the OfficeSuite Live user experience.

If issues are present it could be related to your network connection, network firewall settings, or security gateway settings. 


A client running the OfficeSuite Live SDK connects to the service via URIs (never direct IP addresses) that are part of the * domain. The URIs resolve to IP addresses in the CHIME_MEETINGS subnets, as published in the AWS ip-ranges.json, which is currently a single subnet:

The OfficeSuite Live SDK will use TCP:443 for HTTPS and WebSocket connectivity, and UDP:3478 for media. If UDP:3478 is blocked, the SDK falls back to TCP, however, the video experience will be poor, and audio will use a region specific subnet assigned by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Note: Check your network connection by opening a browser to make sure you can access:


We recommend whitelisting *, *, *, * domains from web security gateway’s SSL inspection



·        TCP: 80, 443 for HTTPS and WebSocket connectivity

·        UDP: 3478 for media (Ensuring that media payload is UDP transport)

IP Addresses:

· - the entire subnet of this range is needed due to the nature of the URI resolution being dynamic.