WE Connect Release – 9/16/2021 - Sprint 49

WindstreamEnterprise Administrator admin
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Your WE Connect Support teams are always working on ways to make it easier for your to do business. The following enhancements and modifications are just some of the areas where WE are making this happen.


Order Status Details

WE Connect Order status details have a new look. We’ve created a simpler and clearer way to display order information. Gone are the Order Status Milestone circles and in their place is a new status bar. Critical dates are now displayed as a full list of ALL critical target and completed dates with those associated with the current status displayed in bold type.

Notification Center

WE Connect Notification Center, under the Account top-menu, now includes Offers. By subscribing for this notification option, the Portal will reach out to you via email, text or push notification on your mobile devices when a new Offer is available.  

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