WE Connect Release – 7/22/2021 - Sprint 47

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Your WE Connect Support teams are always working on ways to make it easier for your to do business. The following enhancements and modifications are just some of the areas where WE are making this happen.

 WE Connect U

As part of our mission to create a state-of-the-art innovative portal, that gives customers an exceptional experience, we recognize we need a robust repository of information to make the encounter as satisfying as possible. We developed an embedded learning and training center within the WE Connect Portal called “WE Connect U”. This micro-application works with the in-page tooltips and walkthroughs as well as the Community site. The WE Connect U resides in a sub-menu under the Support tab and the area dynamically presents Product training videos and guides based on the products active on your account. A new widget will also appear on the dashboard promoting WE Connect U as a new training tool.

We Continue to shower the Billing area with attention!

In an effort to expedite payments and reduce any inconveniences in our Bill Payment process, we’ve made it even easier to keep track of payment methods and expiration dates. Now, you will receive a banner messaging letting you know when a payment method expiration date is set to expire shortly.

A banner message shall also alert you when Autopay is suspended or de-activated.  This will allow you update your information in a timely fashion with no impediments when the bill is due.

WE Connect Mobile Ap Start Page

We are providing additional customization options to our Mobile app. Now, you have the ability to set your start page. You may even set your start screen to various options such as Dialpad, Contacts, Call History, Voicemails, or OfficeSuite Settings.  You may also designate the "Page Last Visited" as your start page. 

Order Status Details

A New look for the Order Status daily fly-out is designed to improve the display of information provided. The Order Status Milestone circles with percentages are gone and in its place is an easy to read status bar. The status bar, which fills in from the right, will now display a full list of all critical dates including target dates and completed dates. Critical dates will be displayed in bold type.

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