WE Connect Release – 6/23/2021 - Sprint 46

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Your WE Connect Support teams are always working on ways to make it easier for your to do business. The following enhancements and modifications are just some of the areas where WE are making this happen.


We continue our exciting Billing improvements this sprint by adding a new button to the top menu in Billing. The button labeled “Download & Print Invoices" brings you directly to the Invoice history tab simplifying the task of finding a specific invoice.

We certainly want to make it easier for customers to pay their bill, so we’ve also enhanced the Bill Pay section by adding a “Schedule Payment” button beside “Send Payment”. The new process allows you to easily see the available date options and schedule payments. When “Schedule Payment” is selected, you’ll see a gray circle around the invoice due date (days past due are in gray). Any dates selected between the current date and a new date, will appear in pink, and allows you to click submit to schedule the payment on that date. 

In keeping with our focus on the Pay Bill UI, we’ve streamlined the Online Payment process and made it even easier for customers who do not have a saved payment method to submit a payment. Gone is the old two-tab payment screen, in its place is a single combined screen that allows you to enter their payment information dynamically without a separate popup screen. 

Gone are the tiles below the balance summary on the View & Pay Bill page. Now, you have three simple tiles (Next Payment Scheduled, Auto Pay Status and Invoice Delivery Method) each of which includes an action icon to change the tile and allows you to easily see your current payment and invoice settings.

The Billing widget on the WE Connect Overview Dashboard caught attention this month with some exciting changes. Now divided into two action icons, the widget contains a View Account icon and a Pay Now Icon.  The View Account icon takes you to the View and pay bill page while the Pay Now icon takes you to the payment screen, and both display the account selected on the widget. It even includes a PDF icon to download the invoice!   


To facilitate the log-in process, we have added a new "Forgot Username" link to the WE Connect log-in page.  Now, when you hit the link, you reach a “Recover Your Username” page. You may then enter your account number, email address, billing zip code and click “send request”. Once the validation process is completed, the you will receive email confirmation that a username was found. If a username is not found or produces several matches, you will be directed to consult their Portal Administrator or Customer Care team. 


Windstream Enterprise wants you to know when new offers are available. We’ve built processes to alert users who subscribe for offer notifications via email and text.


A new search capability on the Search Bar allows the content of a page to be filtered across all columns making the filtering feature much easier to use and giving you the ability to filter down to precisely what you’re looking for.  

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