Blocking a phone number

I see the option to block phone numbers in my profile - Services, but there isn't a way to add the number to be blocked. I keep getting called by a FAX machine and I can't stop it.

Anybody have a solution to this?

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  • Not quite! I pulled up this document from the OfficeSuite and it says to go to Services and then My Services and then My Call Log, but I don’t see My Services under Services. Can you please provide the correct instructions on how to block an inbound number? Will be good for us to not have to bother WS tech support to do this for us. Thank you.

  • You need to go to the page linked in the response to my question - it has all the details.

    If I remember correctly in our system, in the user's profile, go to the Call Log and click the symbol (0 with a line through it) next to the number to block it.

    If that doesn't work for you, then you need to call support because you may not be using the same system or the feature has not been enabled. They don't always turn on all the features during the initial system setup - not sure why.