How to get auto attendant to announce the name from the directory

When a caller selects # when attempting to be transferred to a particular extension the auto attendant responds "1 unidentified caller is found...". How do we tell the auto attendant to announce the extension name?

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  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin
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    Hi @Don Berryhill:

    The message says "an unidentified caller" because the extension does not have a message on it. You will need to add a directory recording to that extension. You can do that by going to the Directory Recording Widget on your dashboard. If the widget is not on your dashboard you can add it by going to Add Widgets at the top left of your page and adding the widget from the drop down menu.

    From the widget, select the extension from the "For Extension" drop down menu and click Record to record the name.

    Once the extension has a name recorded on it that is the identifier that the Auto Attendant will use. Hope that helps!

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