How do I clean up admin and tech roles on WE Connect?


Thank you for your response. I think we have a disconnect here and I believe you can address this, or correct me. 

I have a number of accounts created by individuals in organizations that have over time come under my organization. I inherited the majority of the accounts that I order services for and as such we’ve had to change the bill-to address and on-line access to these 20+ Windstream accounts. All has been good with my access but we’ve retire a number of staff and others chose to leave the organization. Many had access to the WE Connect portal but no longer are involved with this role, or even the company. These were typically admin or tech support roles.

My goal is to remove any WE Connect user IDs that are no longer authorized. I work from my home not far from my office at our corporate headquarters. But because we work virtually, I shouldn’t be restricted in cleaning up user IDs. Is this correct? I have de-activated the user IDs that I can but would like to clean up the rest. 


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    Hi Bruce,

    You can deactivate the users by moving them to No Access. You'll still see the user in your list, but the user name will be inactive. This is the preferred method of clean-up by the Admin. When you access user manager, the inactive users should be automatically hidden and you can re-show them by using the Users icon:

    If this is not enough, you can contact our customer care team and they can unlink the inactive users for you. This causes the user to not be in the active or inactive display, but it’s harder to come up with an audit trail if there’s ever a question of when a user had access.

    Hope that helps!