LAN Services Customer Configuration Requirements

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Customer Responsibilities


  • Identify the SSID and password (password will be randomized to start, change the key after first logging in).
  • Splash page build-out with customer branding.
  • Setup content filtering if required, WE defaults to \”Don’t Filter Content.\”
  • Setup Bonjour Forwarding, WE defaults to \”Disable Bonjour Forwarding.\”
  • Adjusting bitrate values for density.
  • All firewall settings.
  • Setting up heat mapping with location-based floor plans.

IP Cameras

  • Determine Wireless profile(s) for the camera(s) to use.
  • Setting the fine tuning of the camera(s) focal rotation.
  • Establish schedule for recording times.
  • Setup a preferred video deletion path when the camera runs out of storage space so the camera records new video by replacing old.
  • Determination of video clarity (1080p for better video, or 720p for optimization of video storage).
  • Audio recording is a Yes/No option that is to be decided by the customer (WE defaults to No).
  • Determine if night mode is required and change settings if needed.


  • Tell WE representatives about non-Windstream provided devices that need to be plugged into the switch so that WE can configure the switch correctly to best meet requirements.

Note: There are additional configuration options the customer can leverage to enhance their own service. Customers will have access to the online dashboard to alter configurations. Visit the dashboard “Help” page for more information.

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