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You may be contacted by a Technician to schedule a Site Survey, if required due to network specifications. Site requirements include (but are not limited to) the following:

Customer and/or property owner must provide and approve the placement of new cable and equipment if required, into and within the building(s). Formal easement documentation may be required in some cases.

Customer and/or property owner must provide conduits, raceways and other suitable pathways from the property line to the equipment location. If the Customer and property owner are not the same entity, the Customer must obtain the owner’s concurrence that such pathways will be provided as specified during the site visit.

Customer’s equipment location is required to be clean, environmentally conditioned, with proper lighting. This equipment can be mounted in a standard 19” or 23” rack or upon a plywood backboard, either of which must be provided by the Customer.

Customer and/or property owner will be responsible for the cable or fiber run from the Telco Demarcation point to Customer Terminating Equipment, if extension is deemed necessary.

The Customer and/or property owner may be contacted to schedule after hours site access in case of emergency.

Following are options for Customer provided electrical power for services:

  • If 120VAC, power outlet(s) must be located within 6’ of the transceiver/switch location.
  • If 48VDC, Customer must provide +/- power leads with 6’ of slack wire coiled at the equipment location. Wire shall be stranded copper, 16AWG conductors with circuit(s) fused at 3 amps.
  • Additional power may be necessary if automatic protection switching equipment is required.
  • Power consumption is low draw; i.e., approximately 1 ampere per device.
  • Customer may wish to consider providing UPS and/or generator backup. This should be discussed during the site visit reviewing installation requirements.
  • Access to the building’s grounding electrode system is necessary. The customer and/or property owner will be responsible to provide a ground bar or minimum size#6AWGcopper ground wire. 

After the Site Survey, site requirements detailing premise needs, along with a critical date for site readiness completion will be provided by the Engineer.

Once requirements have been met, the Industry Engineer must be notified, as a follow-up visit may be needed.

Upon inspection and acceptance, the site will be classified as “room ready” and further provisioning/construction will continue to deliver services

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