how to install Office suite UC desk top app

  1. I am not able to give access to Office Suite to my users. Please show me how to.
  2. Then, i would like to show them how to use the phone system from their desk top app. Please show me how to.
  3. Also, i would like to allow them to use the fax line from their desk top app. Is this possible?

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  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin
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    @Fax Abe & Takizawa LLP LLP:

    You have several options on learning all about the new WE Connect Portal, how to assign users to your account and use OfficeSuite Fax.

    1 You can download the WE Connect Desktop App from the Downloads page on the portal.

    2 You can download the OfficeSuite Admin and User guides on the WE Connect portal by going to Services>Products>OfficeSuite and clicking on the info icon next to the OfficeSuite title.

    3 You can learn all about general OfficeSuite features and uses in our weekly training sessions.

    4 Learn how to send a fax with the OfficeSuite Fax Quick Start guide.

    5 You will also find those green info icons throughout the portal, clicking on those will offer you some insight as to what you can do on those pages and where to get more information.

    Hope that helps!

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