CCS Feature Highlight - Agent Groups (7.2)

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CCS Release 7.2 (scheduled for production on July 16-17) introduces a new feature called Agent Groups.

Agent Groups allow an OfficeSuite Call Group (Broadcast, Hunt, or Rollover Group) to operate like an Agent in CCS. This is an exciting new feature designed for customers with non-traditional call centers. It’s an ideal fit for a retail floor where store associates may be running around and are not tied to a single desk phone. They could theoretically pick up any one of several phones around the store. Traditional contact center queuing would result in one of these phones being rung, then moving onto the next phone until someone answers, which is not ideal for that kind of store environment.

Instead, by using a Broadcast Group as an Agent Group and assigning it to the queue in CCS, you can ring all of those extensions at once. In this way, you can take advantage of many of the great benefits of CCS while still operating in a manner that makes the most sense for your business.

Another great benefit to Agent Groups is that they are always signed-in. This means that each extension within the Agent Group does not need to individually ‘Go Ready’ in order to begin taking calls as part of that group. This is particularly helpful for retail environments that have employees shuffling in and out all day; signing in and out of queue duty is the last thing on their minds. Lastly, the Agent Group is not considered Busy until all extensions within the group are Busy.

CCS Features for Group Agents

Creating Agent Groups

The process to create an Agent Group is quite simple.

  • The Admin creates the Call Group in WE Connect, as they do today. Broadcast, Hunt, or Rollover Groups are eligible to serve as Agent Groups.
  • Once the Call Group has been created, the Admin goes to the CCS portal to add the Call Group as an Agent Group under Extensions & Routing Agent Groups
  • Clicking ‘Add’ will bring up a window, asking you to enter the extension number of the Call Group you wish to add as an Agent Group. Enter the extension number and click ‘Add’ again.
  • Once you click ‘Save’, that Call Group is now an Agent Group in CCS. The Agent Group can now be assigned to serve any inbound voice queue. The Admin will receive an error if they attempt to add more Group Agents than they have Group Agent licenses available.

Notes: Clicking ‘Refresh’ will pull in any new changes to the Call Group that may have been made in WE Connect. Clicking ‘Delete’ will delete the Agent Group from CCS and free up the Group Agent licenses being consumed by those extensions. The ‘Delete’ action has no impact on the Call Group in WE Connect.

Product Rules:

  • Regular, individual Contact Center Agents automatically receive the ability to be a member of an Agent Group at no additional cost.
  • Standalone Group Agent licenses are also available for purchase.
  • With a single Group Agent license, an extension can serve in as many Agent Groups as the customers wants. That Agent Group can also be assigned to serve as many queues as they want.
  • Group Agents are not available with eQueues. If both Group Agents and individual Agents are required, you must have Contact Center.

Contact your Customer Advocate today about how to get started with Agent Groups! 

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