How do I access the WE Connect Portal

To access the WE Connect Portal:

If you are a Primary Contact on your Windstream account, you have probably received an email invitation with a registration link. You click on the link, create a user id and password and can start using the new portal.

1. If you are an authorized contact on the account and did not receive an email invitation to the portal, you can contact our support team in order to get a new invite sent. Our care teams can send out a new invitation to re-trigger the invitation process to WE Connect. Or, go to to register now.

2. If you are not currently an authorized contact on your Windstream account, but would like access to the portal to manage business functions, you can reach out to an existing WE Connect Administrator within your organization. Administrators, using the “User Manager” feature can provide you permissions to the online account by sending you an email invitation. We recommend activating your WE Connect account immediately once you receive your invitation. This will give you immediate access to your account on WE Connect.

We have worked hard to make sure that WE Connect is populated with relevant business tools, accurate account information, and state of the art technology. So, if you log onto your account on the new portal and find that there is missing or erroneous account data please contact our Support team or your Customer Advocate for help (for portal issues).

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