How To: Submit a Service Ticket

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Get full instructions on how to submit a service request by downloading the video and/or the Service Ticket User Guide below:


When a service disruption happens, you want the fastest, easiest, most efficient way to report the issue to Windstream. That’s why we provide you 24/7 online access through WE Connect where you can submit a service ticket request directly to our Service Assurance technicians using the systems they use to troubleshoot and resolve your issue. 


The path to creating a new service ticket request can be found many places throughout WE Connect:

  1. The top menu: Under SUPPORT, called “New Service Ticket Request”
  2. The dashboard tile: click the link called + Create New Service Ticket Request
  3. And anywhere throughout the portal that you see + Create New Service Ticket Request

Then follow these 4 easy steps:


Your locations, accounts, and service ids are pre-populated into the system to generate customized selections

There are three different ways to provide direction on where the issue is occurring. You simply pick one!

  1. Service id (telephone number, circuit id or BTN)
  2. Location/address
  3. Account number/name

When you select one identifier, we will filter the other identifiers based on your selection. 


This is the part of the ticket that directs our technical staff with specific details of your service disruption.  

The tiles that display are dynamically generated based on the services at the location you selected in LOCATION DETAILS

You have two ways for describing the issue. 

  1. You can make a selection next to the issue displayed in the ‘tile’ that best describes your issue. We’ve provided pre-defined issues that most people tell us describes their issues. 
  2. You can search using common keywords that closely describe the issue you are having. 

Each time you make a selection, it will be registered and collapsed into a selection panel, and then move you quickly to the next description.  

You will be given ample space to type in more specifics below.

Once your issue is identified, our Service Assurance team has designed few short triage questions that will assist with resolving as quickly as possible.


The contact section is requesting people within your organization that can work with our Service Assurance team to quickly resolve your issue.

Things to note about Contact Details:

  1. To be eligible as a contact, the selection must have at least phone number but we prefer both email and phone number.
  2. Upon starting a new service ticket request, the contacts are displayed with a Primary Contact selected, and the Site Contact using that same contact
  3. A Primary Contact and Site Contact are needed to complete a ticket. The After Hours Contact is optional.
  4. We start each ticket with default settings, which are:
    1. ·If there is only one person listed in the Primary Contact list, we will automatically display that person as the Primary Contact. 
    2.  If there is more than one in the list, the ticket contact will default to you. Please keep your information up to date in your profile. (link to user profile) 
  5. You can change the contact for each ticket by clicking on the dropdown list. 
  6. Or, you can add a new contact name as shown in the image above.  


If the issue warrants our technicians to dispatch to your site or perform testing that may take down your service for a short period of time, we need to know when the best time is to do so. You have multiple predefined options to select when that onsite visit or testing would best suit your business.

Note: When a service disruption is ‘critical’, our technicians will always be required to perform testing.  


Once all required inputs are provided, the ticket will be ready to submit directly into our Service Assurance team for immediate triage. You will be forwarded to the Ticket Status page where the ticket number and all updates on the next activities will be accessible.

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