How To: Order a New Toll Free Number

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Download full Toll Free Management User Guide here:


You may manage your Windstream Toll Free service within the WE Connect Portal. This process makes it easy to manage the service on your Windstream account, online. This functionality does require permissions. Administrators may manage this service and may grant access to other users.

Please Note: 

  • This functionality is not currently available for all customers or accounts. If your account does not have this feature it will not appear as a selection on your menu.  
  • If a location is not present in the list of accounts, that means the function is not yet available to that service area. 
  • You may reach out to our Care team via Chat for additional support.


From the Dashboard, click Services > Product > Toll Free

The Toll Free Service menu path lands on a page displaying Toll Free lines by billing account. This landing page makes it easy to manage Windstream Enterprise Toll Free service with action icons.

  1. Change the account displayed.
  2. Buy new Toll Free numbers.
  3. View a history of Toll Free changes.
  4. Export the displayed routing report to an Excel file.
  5. Change the destination of a Toll Free line’s Ring-To-Number (RTN).
  6. Filter the display by Toll Free NPA, NXX, or Station Number.


This Toll Free Management function allows you to order a new toll free number.

WE Connect guides you through five easy steps to proceed with this process.

STEP 1: Search for Available Toll-Free Numbers

Enter the search method and then hit Next to move forward to the next step.

STEP 2: Select the Toll-Free Numbers to Activate

Select the Toll Free Number(s) you’d like to install by tapping an available number in the left-hand column. This moves the number to the right-hand column. 

Hit Next to move to the next step.

STEP 3: Configure Routing

Type in the 10-digit number the new Toll Free should ring to when installed. 

Hit Next to move to the next step.

If the new number should match an existing routing set-up. Use the Match Configuration drop-down and hit the toggle.

STEP 4: Order Detail

This detail view presents the monthly recurring charges for each new Toll Free number. Hit the rate plan hyperlink to view the usage charges per minute.

If you’d like the new Toll Free Number to block calls from the Caribbean or Canada, hit the check-box under Block Canada and/or Block Caribbean

Hit Next to move to the next step.

STEP 5: Confirm & Submit Order

A summary of the order detail is displayed. If all information is correct, hit Submit Order.

A confirmation message displays. To access the Order detail, hit Orders on the upper menu.

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