NEW SSO (Single Sign On) to Windstream Communities!

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We at Windstream Enterprise are continuously looking to elevate our customers’ experience throughout all our interactions, with that in mind, we are moving to an SSO (Single Sign On) log in process for our Windstream Enterprise Communities.



Now everyone can easily access our Communities from the Community widget and links on the portal, without having to log in again or bookmark the site page. This will facilitate access for all of our customers and give us the ability to link your community membership to your account, that way we can offer more account specific support when answering questions.

Existing Members:

For existing members, when you click on the Community widget or link in the WE Connect portal to log in to the Community, you will be prompted to enter your email address. Once you enter the address, the system will search for your existing account. If an existing account is found, you will be prompted to link the account. Once the account is linked, you will have access to any previous posts, questions or comments as normal.

OfficeSuite Members:

OfficeSuite members, you will continue to access the Community as you do currently until your account is migrated to the new, WE Connect portal. OfficeSuite customers will be migrating to the new WE Connect Portal in the coming months. You can find out how that will happen in the post  “Exciting NEWS for OfficeSuite UC in 2020. Introducing, WE CONNECT!”.  Once your account has been moved to the new portal, you can click on the Community Widget to access Community and you will be able to follow the same process (above).

With just one click, we expect to continue to provide you with product information, answers to your questions and give you tools and tips to help manage your services!

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