Velo Alerts for Outages


Can someone please help me understand how to set up email alerts if a circuit outage occurs? Our Velo has two different circuits feeding it; we cannot find in the WE Connect SDWAN portal where we configure email alerts. Anyone have a solution here? Thanks, Mike


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  • WindstreamEnterprise
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    Hey @Mike Robbins :

    I forwarded your information to one of our reps and they should have already reached out to you to help you set up your alerts. Please let me know if that is not the case and feel free to come back here if you have any issues.


  • following. Taylor Regional Hospital needs this setup also.

  • Hello @WindstreamEnterprise

    Thanks for forwarding my information on but I never heard back from anyone.

  • Daniel Moore
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    Hello Mike and Jennifer -- Within the WE CONNECT portal, you can set up email notifications for Service Requests/trouble tickets. Windstream proactively monitors and opens trouble tickets based on defined thresholds for SD WAN circuit outages, or if the SD WAN device goes down completely (power etc.). When a trouble ticket is opened for the service impact, an email will be sent to selected users who request email/text/phone notifications for Service Requests.

    When logged into WE CONNECT, go to Account - Notification Center and you'll see all of your company contacts and you'll be able to set up notifications for many different purposes. For SD WAN notifications, you would select Service Requests.

    Here is a quick link from our WE CONNECT Community. Let us know if there are any other questions.