New VMware SD-WAN release 4.2.2

Ted.Friel Official Rep mod

VMware/VeloCloud SD-WAN Release 4.2.2 provides new hardware platform and some new feature enhancements for Windstream.

 New Hardware Platforms

The following new hardware devices are now available:

Edge 510N (Replaces Edge 510)

Edge 610N (Replaces the Edge 610)

Edge 620N (Replaces the Edge 620)

Edge 640N (Replaces the Edge 640)

Edge 680N (Replaces the Edge 680)

These new “N” devices possess the same functionality as the models they replace, except they do not have Wi-Fi capability. With the ever-increasing shortages and difficulty in obtaining the Wi-Fi components, it was putting a strain on the supply chain and to circumvent this, VMware pro-actively started to build device that did not need the Wi-Fi components, therefore alleviating the supply chain concerns.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Hot Standby for LTE
    • What is Hot Standby:
    • With Hot Standby, the Wireless LTE is still in backup only mode, but the tunnels are pre-built, so the LTE failover is near instant, vs. the typical 30 seconds or more in regular Standby only mode.
    • There are no additional charges from SD-WAN perspective, but please be aware this will add additional billing usage for the LTE plan, there is approximately 800 MB of LTE “keep alive” usage monthly, in addition to any normal usage when the LTE is active.
    • Once the primary link service is restored, the Hot Standby would revert to Hot Standby mode as backup

Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) can now be used in destination match criteria when creating Business rules or Firewall Rules (Like or

Business Policy

Firewall Rule

  • Advanced configuration option to add Stateful Firewall protection against attacks; Ping of Death, TCP Land, Invalid IP and Denial of Service (DoS).