Reset my Ping ID or pairing number

I didn't know I had to unpair my device from ping ID before swapping phones. When I restored my apps and files, I thought everything would be there. But Ping ID keeps asking me for a key that I don't have. They give no help.

They say to contact my IT. I am the IT admin, and I need help getting into my account again.

Somehow I didn't have an account with Ping ID. I hope this can be solved through Windstream.

Any help I'd appreciate.



  • I was able to reset the Ping ID. After entering the username and password and getting the phone authentication, I chose "Forgot your device?" I received an email with the New Authentication Request from One-Time Passcode. I've entered the passcode, and voila! I was able to reset.

    It's so simple I don't understand why Ping ID makes such a big deal of not explaining; all you have to do is click on the link "Forgot your device?" Instead of saying contact your IT Department.