How to pay my internet bill...

Why, why, why did you all change the system? I just want to pay my bill. There is no link at the top on the dashboard. Everytime I put my account or phone number in, the system says there is no match. This is very annoying!

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    Hi @Debra Goodnight-Byrd :

    So, several things to address here. First, I am not sure what dashboard you are referring to as I don't see that you have registered in the portal yet. I suspect you are under the impression that this is the WE Connect Portal. This is not the WE Connect portal, this is a forum for questions and answers, guides and how to's.

    Secondly, WE Connect makes it very easy to pay your bill once you are registered. To register, you will need to go to and select register to establish your log in credentials. The screen should look like this

    Once in your account, you can access and pay your bill through the navigation bar at the top of the screen by selecting Billing>View/Pay Bill

    Or from the Billing widget which you can add to your dashboard by going to the Add Widgets link on the upper left of the dashboard

    and selecting Billing Details then clicking the Add Widget to My Dashboard link at the bottom .

    Once you have the Billing widget on your dashboard, you can just click the Pay Now link at the bottom right of the widget to access your bill.