How to reset PingID authentication?

How do I get another QR code for PingID.  I no longer have my old phone and need to get access to the SD-WAN management portal.  Every time I try to go there, it's awaits authentication from my old phone.

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  • markrupp
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    It wasn't anything I could do myself.  Contacted our Concierge Technical Service Manager (TSM) and he did it for me.  So this time in setting up multifactor authentication, I chose text message so I no longer need the PingID app.


  • Same here.  Did you ever figure it out?
  • Most of customer service is not informed on how to do this. I ran in circles and finally was able to get an agent to remove the MFA checkmark from my login, however that did not remove it from my SDWan login.....I guess I need to call A G A I N!