Bandwidth Utilization Reporting

With MPLS I can see bandwidth utilization charts over time.  Can something similar be done with my WE supplied SDWAN solution?  With MPLS you're basically looking at a router register showing a decaying value over a 5 minute period.  Does something similar exist on the SDWAN equipment that your systems can poll and report against?


  • Ted Friel
    Ted Friel Official Rep mod
    Hi mharris,
    What you are looking for can be found in the SD-WAN Report Center in the SD-WAN Portal:

    Report # 2 should be what you are looking for.

    There are five (5) pre-defined report templates and each template is made up of selected column fields applicable to the purpose of the report. These include:

    1. Sites Report – High-level usage, location, CPE models, profiles…
    2. Quality of Experience (QoE) Report – Bandwidth and circuit performance…
    3. Top Applications – Usage, priorities, clients, activity…
    4. Client Devices – VLANs, Usage, Applications, destinations…
    5. Top Destinations – Usage, priorities, clients, CPE
    Hope this helps, please let us know if it does not provide what you are looking for.