Can't I just buy SD-WAN and set it up myself?

Looking at the do-it-yourself model for SD-WAN implementation can be attractive at first.  But implementing SD-WAN is not as simple as plug & play, it can be as complex as creating and managing any other private network. 

The DIY approach can be time consuming for an IT team, since you are buying a technology that will require your IT resources to manage all CPE, SaaS and access providers.

Don't just buy a technology, look at the Windstream SD-WAN with Concierge service to provide you an assigned technical service manager to work with you to implement, manage and proactively optimize your solution based on your needs and evolve with you as your needs may change.

To speak with someone about the SD-WAN with Concierge service, please use this form and one of our experts will contact you to provide more information: SD-WAN Concierge .

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