Cannot edit my profile in Windstream Communities

Adam Rosen
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This comes from ticket 2374795 (or 2374793), where I was told to file the request here.

Once logged into Windstream Communities, I want to edit my profile to update the info:

But no matter what I do, it fails with red error message "Usernames must be 3-20 characters and consist of letters, numbers, and underscores." My username is 10 characters (first & last name), in a read-only field that I do not have the ability to modify. Seems like it meets this criteria - not that I could change it otherwise. How do I proceed?

Thanks, Adam

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    Hi @Adam Rosen:

    It seems there it a technical issue with your profile that is not replicated anywhere else on this forum. I tried to modify your profile as the administrator and while impersonating you and was also unable to edit the profile. I have submitted this to our IT team for troubleshooting. I will get back to you as soon as we have resolved the issue.

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    Hey @Adam R :

    Not sure if you have tried to change your profile since we last communicated. It took a while to find out why you couldn't change your profile name. I was able to make changes and I believe the issue has been rectified. If you haven't already please try again and let me know. Thanks!