Windstream Enterprise WE Connect Windows Desktop Release Notes - Most Recent Version

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Moving forward, Windstream will be publishing the version number and release notes of the OfficeSuite Desktop and mobile apps here for easy reference. Any previous versions will be archived in the following category as well.

WE Connect Android version 5.2.9


Our team brings periodic updates to help improve the performance and efficiency of our app. This release contains

- Add E164 Dialing support

- Improve conference calling functionality

- Service Ticket Escalation feature enhancement

- Bug fixes



17 December 2021



Current Version


Requires Android 5.1 or higher

WE Connect Windows Desktop Release

We are excited to announce the following enhancements and fixes for our latest update

  1. Fixes Softphone audio issue for 4 channel microphones
  2. Performance enhancements
  3. Bug fixes related to chat functionality

The newest versions of the WE Connect Desktop apps can be found in the WE Connect Portal in the OfficeSuite Desktop tile.

You can download the newest version directly from here, or a "New Update Available" notification will be going out within the WE connect Desktop apps soon.


WE Connect Windows (V 1.4.6):

In the newest versions of the WE Connect Mobile apps, we have introduced the following updates:

  • Interactive Walkthrough – First time user walkthrough to set extension PIN, enable softphone and set start page
  • Added Transfer to Voicemail – Transfer a call to a coworker’s voicemail. Transfer to call group voicemails will be added in the future.
  • Change CCS status – Set your CCS status from WE Connect apps.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) toggle on the presence page – DND added to presence page for easy access.
  • Long press to clear numbers from dial pad (Android) – Long press the delete button to clear numbers.
  • Added SD-WAN Site Digest section – Added a bandwidth spiking over 80% section and will add new options over time.
  • Added WE Connect U – WE Connect U provides easy access to Admin and User guides.
  • Improved support request process 


Previous version notes:

WE Connect Windows (V 1.4.3):

  • Park / retrieve calls within the WE Connect Apps – Previously, users would have to know the star codes associated with park and retrieve to park and retrieve calls within the apps. Now, users can park and retrieve calls directly from within the WE Connect Desktop and Mobile Apps with the simple to use user interface. Users can choose which park location they would like to park the call, or they can have the system choose a park location for them. For instructions on how to park and retrieve calls from the WE connect apps, click here.
  • CCS sign in / sign out – Instead of having to log into the CCS Portal to sign in and out of CCS, users can now select the CCS Settings menu within the WE Connect App to sign in and out of CCS. While the user cannot choose their status yet, the sign in / sign out option screen will allow us to add a choose status feature in the future. To learn more about how to sign in and out of CCS using the WE Connect apps, click here.
  •  Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.3.3:

  • Global shortcut keys - Added global shortcut keys support for Answering the call (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + a), hanging up the call(Ctrl + Alt + Shift + h), mute/unmute the active call (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M), Bring focus to the app (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + W) . Shortcut keys can be enabled from System tray > Right Click WE app > Settings > Shortcut keys. For more information on how to turn on shortcut keys, click here.
  • Voicemail page network improvements - Address issue with voicemail screen going blank on network interruption.
  • Call logs page network improvements - Address issue with screen getting stuck on call logs spinner on network connectivity resume.
  • Remember username fix - Fix for remember username not working in login page after first user login.
  • Improved app scaling for a more customized feel - Reduced the minimum height allowed to support 200% scaling of display
  • Improved audio quality during a softphone call - Implemented enhanced echo cancellation for headset and Bluetooth devices. Will also use hardware echo cancellation if available on the system.
  • Remove dependency on availability of Windows media player to play voicemail. (Microsoft made it optional feature in windows)
  • General enhancements and bug fixes

Older version:


  • Integration of Microsoft Office 365 personal contacts directory - Now you can sync your Office 365 personal contacts directly into the WE Connect Desktop app so that you can call or send an SMS (when available) to your personal Office 365 contacts.
  • Changing your extension PIN bug fix - Previously there was a bug where if you changed your extension PIN from within the Desktop app, you would receive an error. This issue has been resolved.
  • Call quality enhancements - Fixes call quality issues on Softphone for some users
  • Performance and bug fixes


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