New! Contact Center Services v6 Enhancements are here!

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OfficeSuite Contact Center just got better! We have taken the OfficeSuite Contact Center software that everyone knows and loves and added new enhancements and navigation changes that we are sure will please our users.

Enhancements for this release include*:

  • New user interface is more elegant and easier to use
  • “Reports” have been consolidated and made more comprehensive.  New graphics help with interpretation.  Report data is now updated every 15 minutes, instead of every 4 hours.
  • "Completed Events” provides a more complete description of calls and their recordings – More data and more search filters
  • Full system redundancy ensures near 100% up time
  • Quicker updates/upgrades to platform (always scheduled overnight now complete in just a few minutes)
  • The Service level field has been replaced by the Answer Time Objective field.  To view the answer time objective, Go to the Dashboard > Settings.  The Answer Time Objective found on the dashboard is the input for the service calculation,  The Service Level Field is the percent ofcalls that meet the answer time objective.
  • Extension changes: No need to add or remove extensions in CCS!  Click “Refresh Extensions” to automatically populate extensions from MyOfficeSuite. 
*Please note that since this newer version is more robust and easier to use than the previous version that the existing evaluations, scheduled reports, and recordings will not be migrated to the new platform.  However, users can still log into the old platform to view these items.

Navigation changes include (click on each link for further information):



  • Fred Mulharin
    edited May 2018
    How do I get upgraded to the New Version, is this an Automatic upgrade if we are currently using CSS?
  • Hey Fred,

    You don't have to do anything at all. All existing CSS customers are being upgraded automatically. You will be receiving a notification letting you know when your organization is being upgraded. 
  • Has Windstream produced a complete user guide for ver. 6.0? There is/was a very helpful, step-by-step user guide for ver 3.2. If there is one, how do I go about getting one?