OfficeSuite UC Voicemail Transcription - Action required in September 2023

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Project complete 9/11/23. The following is information only.

This is an addition to the required actions from April 2023 when OfficeSuite UC upgraded its Voicemail Transcription service. These changes will take place in September 2023 starting on or about 9/5/23. Update 9/6/23: This project will commence tomorrow morning 9/7/23 and take approximately ten days to complete.

Original project scope and timeline, April 2023

At that time, customers were advised to update email systems to permit emails with a "From" address of [email protected]. Specifically it was advised to use a wild card and allow email traffic from the * domain.

The one additional change to mail servers is to permit traffic with an envelope sender's or Message-ID ending with ""

Make these changes to spam filters before September 5, 2023 to ensure continuity of service.