HD Meeting, No Download, No Problem: Accessible Online Meetings

Jason Huffey
Jason Huffey Official Rep, Hosted Services Partner, Hosted Services Content Manager mod

In today's interconnected world, the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders is crucial for any organization. This includes not only internal team members but also external partners, clients, and the public at large. Making public join meetings accessible to users outside of a company without requiring a client download is a critical aspect of this communication strategy. By allowing users to join meetings through a web browser, companies can ensure that their meetings are accessible to the widest possible audience. Screen & Application sharing is supported by HD Meeting for browser joined participants. Some advanced functionality may be limited.


Here are the steps on how to set up HD Meeting settings so that users can easily join from a browser without downloading the HD Meeting software:

  • “Sign-in” to your HD Meeting account at meeting.windstream.com (Top right)
  • In the top left area on the screen locate and click on the “Settings” area.
  • The “Meeting” tab will be selected.
  • Under “In Meeting (Advanced)”, scroll down to the “Show a "Join from your browser" link” option and turn it on.
  • (NOTE) this setting is enabled by default by Windstream, the validation to ensure it's on is recommended.
  • Click Save.

Once you have completed these steps, users will be able to join your HD Meeting meetings from any web browser without having to download the HD Meeting software.


Users/Guests simply need to click on the “Join from your browser link” after the link is used from the calendar invite.

Allowing microphone and camera access is required. Fill in the user's desired name, and the generated security captcha, then click join.

Here are some additional tips for making it easy for users to join your HD Meeting meetings from a browser:

  • Make sure that the meeting link is easy to find and remember. You can include the link in your meeting invitation.
  • If you are hosting a large meeting, you may want to consider creating a detailed plan for any presenters of content, internal and external to your company
  • Test the meeting link before your meeting to make sure that it works properly.
  • Remind users how to join your meeting from a browser in the meeting invitation.
  • Communicate to your external parties that if desired they can download the HD Meeting application from the link and if advanced presenting (Webinar/Sharing Video Content) is required, this is recommended.

By following these steps, you can make it easy for users to join your HD Meeting meetings from a browser without having to download the HD Meeting software. This will make it more convenient for your participants to attend your meetings, and it will also help to reduce the number of technical problems that you may encounter.