Secure eFax - Approach to setting up Multi-Function Devices

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With Secure eFax the majority of opportunities have multifunction devices in the normal day-to-day workflow for end-users. In some cases, they still send boxes over traditional phone lines, whether that be through an analog POTS line or behind a key system or PBX this is still very common.

In these sales opportunities, the goal and intention are to convert these using the traditional means of telephone lines into using an email service that is transparent to the end-users day-to-day workflow. The way this is accomplished is by not changing the user experience but the multi-function device to format the fax command into an email but still give the end-user the normal workflow style input they are used to on the multi-function device. In this way, it would allow our customers to not have to retrain masses of workforce that operate the multi-function device in this way.

Most major brands of multifunction devices support this. Also, most major brands either have a managed services provider or are supported direct by the manufacturer. Management software is typically deployed and in place and can be utilized to input this type of software change converting from traditional fax to emailed-based faxing. The software is also very helpful when trying to gather volume usage for those units that have currently been in service.

Almost all brands of current multifunction devices support scan-to-email functionality. what does require discovery is does the device's firmware allow a way to script the portion of the email address.  Research the model number for an admin guide and within that document look for "Internet fax" or even just "fax" to validate what the manufacturer provides.

Keep in mind Windstream is not responsible for managing these devices or converting them to Secure eFax. We are bringing the solution to the table as the trusted advisor, but performing the conversion of this is not part of the Secure eFax solution. We are happy to bring in Professional Services to provide the workforce to accomplish this while still removing the pain point through our awesome Professional Services Department! It is also very common to partner with the managed services provider or the manufacturer to support phase changes, as in most cases this will result in more business for them.


General Overview of Setting up Multi-Function Devices