OfficeSuite UC v10.3 Release Notes

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Windstream OfficeSuite UC® release 10.3 enhances call group routing based on time of day, day of week with ability to change routing via programmable memory key on your OfficeSuite phone

 NOTE: This upgrade completed in March 2023. The following is informational.

The OfficeSuite UC team is pleased to announce new features and functions for its customers with the release of OfficeSuite version 10.3 software.

The primary customer-facing enhancement included in v10.3 is Group Presence Routing programmable memory keys.

Group Presence Routing: OfficeSuite customers can already route Group Calls by time of day and day of week and can define presence states with different routing for each, plus have the option to change the presence state via the OfficeSuite portal or by calling into an auto-attendant. New in OfficeSuite version 10.3 is the ability to change group presence states via programmable keys on the OfficeSuite desk phones.


The primary use case for Group Presence Routing is for special handling of calls to groups out-of-hours or whenever business needs require different routing during the normal work week.  


The Group Presence Routing feature is available to customers in the WE Connect and new OfficeSuite portal. How to Configure and Use Group Presence Routing.


The new feature in v10.3 is the ability to program keys on your OfficeSuite desk phone to change the presence state of the group among “In Office”, “Lunch”, “Away”, or “Vacation”. For each state, calls can be routed to group members, auto-attendants, other call groups, or other phone numbers, including external numbers, for example answering services.  This function is only available for Broadcast, Hunt, and Rollover group types.


Once routing is defined for each day and time by presence state, routing will change automatically when the time boundary of the next presence state arrives. At any time, the admin can temporarily override the presence state via the portal, via an auto-attendant, and now, new in v10.3, via group presence keys programmed on the phone. For example, if the group takes an extended lunch break or is away attending a meeting the presence state of "In Office" can be temporarily set to "Lunch" or "Away". Then, when the time boundary for the next presence state arrives, the temporary override ends and normal presence state routing resumes. The only presence state that is not temporary is “Vacation”. When this is selected, it must be manually reverted to one of the other states to resume normal time of day, day of week routing.


In order to program a Group Presence Routing key on your phone, you must be a member of that group. Program a key for each group and each presence state you wish to invoke via the phone, e.g. "Group 602 In Office" or "Group 619 Away". If you need to change the presence state temporarily, press the appropriate key. When the time boundary for the next presence state arrives, routing will resume as programmed in the portal unless it is overridden again via the portal, auto-attendant, or via programmable key. If you want to program a memory key but don’t want to receive calls for that group, then be sure you’re a member of the group, but then “Leave” the group so your phone doesn’t ring with group calls. How to Configure and Use Group Presence Routing.


NOTE:  The ability to program Group Presence Routing keys is part of OfficeSuite UC® v10.3 software. Refer to the upgrade schedule below for details by server. Your services must first be upgraded to v10.3 before you can enjoy this feature.

You can check the version of software your OfficeSuite UC® service is running by following these instructions: WE Connect

Read the announcement of features and functions in the previous OfficeSuite Release v10.0-10.2.1



OfficeSuite UC® v10.3 production upgrade schedule

All server upgrade maintenance windows begin at 11PM Eastern time and end at 3AM Eastern time the following morning. Your OfficeSuite UC services will experience a brief 10-15 minute service disruption overnight, but not before midnight Eastern time. Customers do not need to make any changes to their system prior to the upgrade. All work is performed in Windstream data centers and access to your premises is not required. After the maintenance window your phones will reboot and operate normally.

Schedule by OfficeSuite server:

Server number   Date of Upgrade

1                                            Complete January 24, 2023

2                                            Complete February 7, 2023

3                                            Complete January 24, 2023

4                                            Complete February 28, 2023

5                                            Complete February 7, 2023

6                                            Complete February 14, 2023

7                                            Complete February 14, 2023

8                                            Complete March 7, 2023

9                                            Complete January 4, 2023

10                                          Complete December 14, 2022

11                                          Complete March 14, 2023

12                                          Complete February 21, 2023

13                                          Complete February 28, 2023

14                                          Complete February 21, 2023

15                                          Complete March 7, 2023

16                                          Complete January 5, 2023

17                                          Complete February 16, 2023

18                                          Complete March 9, 2023

19                                          Complete March 9, 2023

20                                          Complete March 14, 2023

21                                          Complete March 16, 2023

22                                          Complete February 16, 2023

23                                         Complete March 2, 2023

24                                         Complete January 26, 2023

25                                         Complete February 9, 2023

26                                         Complete February 9, 2023

27                                         Complete February 23, 2023

28                                         Complete March 2, 2023

29                                         Complete February 23, 2023

30                                        Complete January 26, 2023                                        

You can check the version of software your OfficeSuite UC® service is running by following the instructions for your portal: WE Connect