Intiate calls via Mitel 50006402 bluetooth module

we have two users with hearing aids paired (via Bluetooth mobile receivers around their neck) to the Mitel 50006402 Bluetooth module for Mitel 5310e phone.

Answering calls is easy - when the phone rings, then tap the button on their receiver, and the call goes off hook and to their hearing aids.

There doesn't appear to be a way to INITITATE outbound calls -- can anyone provide help on this?




  • Rob_Marschall
    Rob_Marschall Official Rep mod


    You are correct that you cannot initiate a call remotely via the Bluetooth receivers. Calls must be initiate at the desk phone itself on the keypad. Sorry.

    If folks need to roam from their desks, perhaps a cordless phone with BT capabilities would be better.

    The Poly Rove and Yealink cordless phone systems each offer Bluetooth handsets that can pair with your users' hearing aids and still provide a keypad to initiate calls.  

    Review the full portfolio of available OfficeSuite phones and confer with your account owner to make the best selection for your needs. You can order these via the WE Connect portal at the Buy Phones & Accessories page.

    Thank you.