Contact Center Services Release 9.0

OfficeSuite Contact Center Services release 9.0 is scheduled for production between November 14-18, 2022. The following is a summary of what is coming in the new release. 

Security Enhancements

·        Upgraded Operating System, Kernel, and packages to eliminate security vulnerabilities of the older packages

·        Adjustments to the CCS application for compatibility with upgraded OS.

·        Adjusted so that security upgrades required in the future will be simpler to accomplish

·        New login architecture, using Single Sign On (SSO) as used with Windstream portal logins

·        Increased robustness of existing High Availability (HA) cluster.

·        Additional resilience against specific failure modes, reducing the need for switchovers

·        Improved notification of the exceptional conditions that might imply a pending switchover


System Auto-Away for a Failing Agent

A systematic change to an Auto-Away status for an Agent with repeated SIP failure. If an Agent is in a Ready state for inbound voice queue calls but has lost registration of all devices (desk phone, desktop softphone and mobile softphone) that Agent will be automatically placed in an Auto-Away state to prevent future calls until the time they have reregistered a SIP device. This may occur in the event of a power outage, loss of internet connectivity, traveling into an area without mobile data coverage, or even an Agent choosing to ‘Go Ready’ despite not having a SIP device to answer inbound calls.  


End Wrap-Up Early

Inbound and Outbound Voice Queues are built with a predetermined amount of wrap-up time before an Agent may place or receive another call. Agents may now elect to end that wrap-up time early and engage in additional voice calls by clicking the “End Wrap-Up” button in the Agent Control Panel (ACP)

Pinned and Preserved Questions Limit Increase

Pinned Questions – those questions answered by the Far End (FE) on an inbound chat or text queue and are displayed to the Agent throughout the duration of the session.

Preserved Questions – Those questions answered by the Far End (FE) in preliminary questions as part of an inbound chat or text queue or form questions that can be completed by the Agent in a call/text/chat wrap-up or the FE in a post call, chat or text wrap-up.

In 9.0. the number of Pinned Questions can increase to 10 per Tenant upon request.

In 9.0 the number of Preserved Questions can increase to 100 per Tenant upon request.

 Mobile and Softphone CCS Outbound Calling Route for Outbound CCS Queues

Agents using mobile and desktop softphone for Outbound Queue calls may elect to save their outbound calling route and route all outbound calls through available CCS outbound queues. Outbound Calling Route selection is available for both Windows and MAC desktop softphones as well as Android mobile softphone. iOS users must still dial into the outbound queue of their choice with each outbound call.