OfficeSuite BVN10 cordless phone end of support January 24, 2023

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OfficeSuite UC customers with very old Broadview Networks branded cordless phones, models BVN10, BVN05, and BVNDesk05, are required to replace their devices by January 24, 2023. Customers may have acquired these devices via a heritage Broadview Networks offer called OfficeSuite Simplicity.

As of January 24, 2023, BVN05/10 and BVNDesk05/10 devices will no longer be supported on OfficeSuite UC as they are designated End-of-Life. The firmware on these devices will no longer be compatible with OfficeSuite software after January 2023. Unfortunately, due to the age of this hardware, the firmware cannot be updated to maintain compatibility with the OS UC platform.

Customers are required to disconnect or replace their old BVN10 (etc.) phones with available phones from OfficeSuite UC. Affected customers will be notified via certified mail on October 5, 2022 of the need to replace existing BVN10 phones and will be contacted by their account owner shortly thereafter to discuss replacement options.

Replacement Options

OfficeSuite UC offers desk phones from Mitel and Poly as well as cordless phones from Yealink, Poly, and EnGenius. Review the portfolio of available phones here:

Yealink cordless: OfficeSuite UC offers two cordless handset options from Yealink that include a standard handset (W56H) and rugged handset (W59R). The Yealink system allows for 10 handsets per base with up to 20 concurrent calls. There is also a DECT/WiFi cordless conference phone (CP935W) available. The Yealink system can support a space up to 5,000 square feet and can be expanded with optional repeaters. For large areas, there’s a multi-cell base option that expands to 30 bases, 100 handsets, and 100 concurrent calls.

Poly Rove cordless: The Poly Rove cordless system offers two handsets, both ruggedized (Rove 30, Rove 40), and covers a 5,000 SF space with up to 20 handsets and 10 concurrent calls. Poly Rove offers a unique dual base feature where two bases can be installed as a pair which expands coverage up to 15,000 square feet. The dual base configuration can support up to 20 handset and 20 concurrent calls and handsets roam between bases.  Coverage can be expanded even further with the use of repeaters.  Poly also offers a multi-cell system for very, very large deployments of up to 254 bases, 2000 handsets, and 1000 concurrent calls.

EnGenius DuraFon: The EnGenius DuraFon is a cordless system that boasts incredible range of up to 12 floors in a high-rise building, 250,000 square feet in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, or 3,000 acres on a farm or ranch. Bases and handsets are ruggedized to withstand up to 50 six-foot drops. There are two system options: one SIP, one analog. The SIP system supports 10 handsets and 4 concurrent calls. Multiple SIP systems installed at the same premises require a 30-foot separation between bases to avoid interference. The analog system allows for expansion up to 8 bases, 90 handsets, and 32 concurrent calls. It requires the purchase of analog lines separately.  

Ordering Replacement Phones

OfficeSuite UC customers can order new phones via the Buy Phones and Accessories page of the WE Connect portal. Log in with administrator credentials and click on Buy Phones in the OfficeSuite flyout on the left side of your dashboard. Search for the phone model you desire and select buy or rent and indicate the quantity. Pick your shipping location and submit the order. Orders are fulfilled in 4 to 6 days.

Once your new equipment arrives, work with your assigned Windstream Project Coordinator to configure the phones for the desired extensions, connect them to your network, and boot them on OfficeSuite UC.

Cancel your existing BVN10 service

Once your replacement equipment is working satisfactorily, call into Windstream Care at 800 600 5050 to process a disconnect of the old BVN10 cordless phone equipment so it is removed from your account and invoice. Windstream does not reclaim the old equipment. Please dispose of it responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have any of the affected equipment?

A: If you’re among the affected customers, you’ll receive a letter via certified mail to that effect on October 5, 2022 and then you’ll be contacted by your Windstream account manager shortly thereafter to discuss your replacement options.

You may also review your monthly OfficeSuite invoice for any of the following entries:

Cordless Handset w Base (BVN10) rental

Cordless Handset (BVN05) rental

Cordless Desk w Base (BVNDesk10) rental

Cordless Desk Phone (BVNDesk05) rental

Also, review the images below to identify the model phone visually at your business location, especially if you may have purchased the phone instead of rented it as purchased devices don’t appear on your monthly invoice.

Of the various cordless solutions offered by Windsteam OfficeSuite, which is closest in function to what I have now?

A.     The Yealink W76P package of one W70B base and one W56H handset is closest in form, features and function to the BVN10 package. Additional handsets (W56H and/or W59R rugged) can be added to the W70B base to a maximum of 10 total devices (whereas the old BVN10 system maxed out at 6 handsets). The W56H is most closely aligned with the BVN05 handset. 

For cordless desk phone replacement of the BVNDesk05, consider the Yealink CP935W cordless DECT/WiFi conference phone or order a Mitel 6900 series phone, plus requisite power adapter and also order the WiFi range extender to connect the phone via WiFi assuming you do not have an Ethernet drop where the phone is to be located.

What’s the likelihood that I have one of these older model cordless phones?

A.     Very, very low. These phones are vintage 2013 to 2017, so if your OfficeSuite service was ordered after that, you are not likely to have one. Only 0.16% of all phones in service with OfficeSuite are among the affected models and only 2% of all OfficeSuite customers are known to have one or more in service.

By when must I act?

A.     You should order replacement equipment and have it installed and working by January 24, 2023 because after January 2023 there is no support of the BVN10 (etc.) cordless equipment and the devices may no longer work after that date. Allow ample time to place your order, have it shipped, and then install it to ensure you don't experience a service disruption.

What if I don’t want or need a replacement device of any sort?

A.     Review your bill to ensure you’re not charged for them. If you are, call OfficeSuite Support at 1-800-600-5050 to disconnect the device from your account and remove it from your invoice.

What should I do with the old equipment?

A.     Windstream will not reclaim the BVN10 (etc.) devices. Please dispose of it responsibly. The batteries in the portable handset are rechargeable and thus should be recycled and not disposed of in the normal trash. Local home stores such as Lowes or Home Depot accept rechargeable batteries for recycling.

What does the letter of October 5, 2023 look like?

A.     Here’s a sample letter sent via certified mail to affected customers

What do each of these BVN10 (etc.) devices look like?

A. One distinguishing characteristic is the Broadview Networks name and logo printed onto the plastics of the devices. Also the brand will appear on screen upon start up.

BVN 10 – bundle of one base, one cordless handset. Additional portable cordless handsets were model BVN05 sold separately up to a total of 6 per system. 3 handsets shown below, but yours may differ:

The base packaged with the BVN10 will look like the one above. The base packaged with the BVNDesk10 may look like this:

The BVN Desk phone was sold in a package with a base and labeled BVNDesk10 or alone as BVNDesk05:

Are these the same devices as the Broadview Networks Advanced Cordless System?

A. No. The Advanced Cordless system is a newer vintage than the affected phones here. The models of the Advanced Cordless system include the BVN 9430 base, BVN 8630 handset, BVN 8830 rugged handset, and BVN 4024 repeater. Those devices are supported indefinitely.