Best way to handle before and after hours Voicemail for groups?

We just moved to Office Suite and we are trying to figure out the best way to handle before and after-hours voicemails. We want it to be so that during hours a call group rings 4 times and then goes to voicemail if not answered. After business hours we want it to ring 1 time and then go to that same voicemail. The current configuration leaves us with 2 inboxes where voicemails could be left if we use it that way, we know users get the emails for the group messages in the event they need to actually go into the group inbox for some reason.

Unsure if my thinking is just backward on this.



  • Rob_Marschall
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    You can change the number of rings before covering to Voicemail for the group by editing that group at the Call Groups page in the portal, but that's cumbersome to log in each evening and morning to change the number of rings from 4 to 1 and back again.

    So instead, you'll create two groups with the same membership and employ Presence State Routing for one of them.

    Create two groups with the exact same membership. For this example we'll use x600 and x601.

    Group x600 rings four times and covers to Group x601. Each member of x600 that wants to receive group calls must be "In Group".

    Group x601 allows members to Join/Leave Group and each of the members must be set to "Out of Group". Define coverage for Group x601 to Voicemail after 1 ring.

    It's important that each member of x600 also be a member of x601 because the VM messages will be left at x601. In order to program a Group VM key on their phone, the user must be a member of x601.

    But it's equally important that each member of x601 set their state to "Out of Group". That's to ensure the calls to x601 don't ring anyone's extension and instead cover to Group Voicemail immediately.

    Now define Presence State Routing for Group x600.

    Define the days of the week and hours each day that this group is "In Office". Hours left undefined are considered "Away".

    During "In Office" hours, route group calls to Call Group Members. That will ring the members' phones four times and then cover to x601 which covers immediately to voicemail.

    Define "Away" to route to Group x601. That way, after hours callers are immediately redirected to voicemail for the group.

    Here are instructions how to set up Presence State Routing for groups: