WE Connect Desktop App Release Notes - Windows (v1.6.1.6)

Carson Powell
Carson Powell Moderator, Official Rep, Employee, Insider Contributor (Employee), Hosted Services Content Manager, UCaaS Content Manager admin

For the WE Connect desktop app for Windows (v1.6.1.6) the following functionality has been introduced:

• New OfficeSuite Live capabilities available for 1:1 video calling.

• Updated quick connect icon for OfficeSuite Live within contacts, favorites, and coworkers tabs now launch a 1:1 video call.

• OfficeSuite Live meeting capabilities now available to launch directly from the app drawer within the WE Connect desktop application. The app drawer icon will also show the current meeting status if there is a meeting in session or not.

• OfficeSuite Live when launched directly from the app drawer now has the full user experience of OfficeSuite Live in a popped out window.