Microsoft Teams Integration

Carson Powell
Carson Powell Moderator, Official Rep, Employee, Insider Contributor (Employee), Hosted Services Content Manager, UCaaS Content Manager admin

Windstream Enterprise is pleased to announce that Microsoft Teams users can now harness the power of OfficeSuite UC® to make and receive calls through the native Microsoft dialer. Customers can purchase OfficeSuite licenses and have them allocated to their Microsoft Teams account allowing for inbound and outbound calling with a dedicated telephone number.

Customers can call contacts directly, make and receive calls and access the richer feature set of OfficeSuite directly in Microsoft Teams. Further, auto-attendants, call routing and other advanced telephony features can all be managed easily through the WE Connect Portal to meet the complex needs of evolving businesses. . Additionally, Microsoft Teams will also integrate with Windstream Enterprise’s Dynamic IP and Contact Center Solution in the coming weeks.

Attached are documents illustrating the benefits of integrating with Microsoft Teams as well as setup information.