Contact Center Services Release 8.5

OfficeSuite Contact Center Services release 8.5 is scheduled for production between July 4th-11th. The following is a summary of what is coming in the new release. 

Video and Screen Sharing Queues

Contact Center Multimedia Agents can now “Go Live” from any open webchat or text message conversation. As conversation needs change Agents are empowered to use whichever means of communication best fit the needs of their customers. With CCS’s omnichannel capabilities webchats and texts can transform into live video or screen share right from the CCS portal. Multimedia Agents will automatically have the “Go Live” option visible, but in order to use the function must also have an OfficeSuite Live license assigned to their extension in the customer portal.

Once the Agent launches the meeting, the Far End will receive a link to join. Chrome is the recommended browser for Windows and MAC. Mobile launch is supported, however, for the best experience the Far End may want to download the OfficeSuite Live app from the Google Play Store or iOS App store before beginning the live session.

Agent activity while live sharing is captured in completed events details and Agent performance and the Agent is automatically moved to a “Live Sharing” status as to not be interrupted by additional calls or chats.

Selection of Extensions for ACDs

Inbound Voice Queues, Outbound Voice Queues, Conditional Routes, IVR Questions and Alternative Extensions all require and ACD extension for routing purposed. Now, a dropdown will display when an extension is required that populates available extensions on the Tenant. You may choose from the dropdown or manually choose to use an extension outside of this pool.

Evaluations Exportable and Schedulable

Export Results and Schedule Delivery were added to Evaluations in Completed Events. Exporting will start a downloaded .CSV file to the user’s desktop. All scheduled reports (evaluations and others) are found under Reports/Scheduled Reports. Reports can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly and users with SFTP service can have reports delivered via SFTP. 

Audio Library Expansion

Twenty-five new audio files were added as stock files in the Audio Library. Everything from country, to rock, to reggae and more is available. New files are identified with (new) at the end to easily identify new selections. No previous files were removed so no impact to customers who may be using older files.