OfficeSuite Voicemail Quick Reference Guide

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For First Time Users Who Need to Initialize their Voicemail box

1.     Login to the WE Connect portal. Create your PIN for your extension. You will be prompted if you want it as your VM passcode too, check the box to select “yes”. 

2.     You may also set or change your voicemail passcode by clicking on the "New OfficeSuite Portal" button in WE Connect and then hover over "My Services" and click on "My Voicemail Settings then click "Change Voicemail PIN" in the upper right corner.

3.     Press the VM key on your OfficeSuite phone (see below if you don’t have a phone)

4.     Because it’s your first time accessing your mailbox, the voice prompts will guide you through setting it up:

a.      You will be prompted to record your name announcement and your personal greeting. End each recording by pressing the pound key (#) to save.

b.     You will also be prompted to set your VM passcode again and you may elect to change it or enter the same one you created in the portal.

5.     At the “My Services | My Call Handling" area in the portal, ensure that your call forwarding is set to Voicemail after the desired number of rings. Save.


To Access Your Voicemail Remotely 

1.     First, in the portal, ensure your call forwarding is set to cover to voicemail.

2.     Dial your own telephone number (DID) and wait for the call to cover to voicemail.

3.     Interrupt the voicemail greeting with “*” (star key).

4.     At the prompt, enter your voicemail passcode, optionally, press the pound key (#). 

a.      If this is your first time initializing your VM box, follow the instructions above beginning with number 4.

NOTE: OfficeSuite administrators may also configure an auto attendant to allow both deposit and retrieval of voice messages. If this is configured, call the auto attendant, then press the key corresponding to voicemail access. You are prompted to enter your extension and then your Voicemail passcode.


Voicemail Main Menu

After accessing your voicemail box, you will be presented with these Main Menu options: 

·        Press 1 Listen to Messages

·        Press 2 Send a Message

·        Press 9 User Options

·        Press 0 Help

·        Press * (star) Disconnect/Hang-up

Note: If new messages arrive while you are logged into your mailbox, pressing * does not disconnect the call. Instead, the system informs you of the new message arrival and plays the message inventory.


Listening to Messages

1. From the Main Menu, press 1.

2. Select one of these options: 

·        Press 1 Replay Current Message

·        Press 2 Save Current Message

·        Press 3 Delete Current Message

·        Press 4 Reply to Current Message

·        Press 5 Forward a Copy of Current Message

·        Press 6 Message Information

·        Press 7 Play Previous Message

·        Press # Play Next Message Press 0 Help


Message Navigation used while a playing a message

·        Press 7 Rewind

·        Press 8 Pause

·        Press 9 Fast Forward

·        Press # Message Menu


Send a Message

1. From the Main Menu, press 2.

2. At the prompt, dial an extension or a Voicemail group number, or dial by name. 

3. Press # after each destination number. Add as many destination numbers you wish. After the last destination number and #, press # again to begin recording your message. 

4. When you have finished your message, press #. 

·        Press 1 Send Message

·        Press 2 Re-Record Message

·        Press 3 Review Message

·        Press 4 Mark Message Urgent

·        Press 5 Add Recipients

·        Press 6 Mark Message Private

·        Press # Send Press * Cancel, Return, Main Menu

·        Press 0 Help


Forwarding a Message

1. While listening to messages, press 5 to forward to another recipient. 

2. At the prompt, dial the extension number of the message recipient(s) terminated by #.

3. After the tone, record an introductory message. When you are finished, press #. 

4. Press #1 and the message will be forwarded to the recipients.


Editing User Options

1. From the Main Menu, press 9.

2. Select one of these options: 

·        Press 1 Manage your Greetings and Name Recording

·        Press 2 Change Your Passcode or Login Options

·        Press 3 Change What Information is Played at the Start of Each Message

·        Press 4 Change Call Answering Options and Select Active Greeting

·        Press # Main Menu

·        Press 0 Help



To set up how you’d like to receive your messages from the portal, hover over the "My Services" icon and click on Voicemail Settings and toggle the slider for Enable Voicemail Notifications, select your preference and enter the email address of where you would like to receive messages.

Note: For compliance purposes, some OfficeSuite administrators deny the ability to send VM messages via email. Check with your admin if that option is absent from your settings.


You can check your voicemail right from the portal. Hover over the My Services icon and click on My Voicemail. There you can listen to, sort, save, delete, or forward messages.

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