Contact Center Services Release 8.4

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OfficeSuite Contact Center Services release 8.4 is scheduled for production between March 31-April 11. The following is a summary of what is coming in the new release. 

Omnichannel Functionality

OfficeSuite UC Contact Center Omnichannel allows customers to get the help they need when they need it through the communication channel that best suits their needs. Streamline communication as conversation needs change, all in a single pane of glass. Agents can move seamlessly between communication channels while reporting captures the entire life of the conversation. Agents can now transform either webchats or text message conversations directly into a voice call using outbound voice queues. 

Outbound Toll-Free Caller ID Display

Admins now have access to all Toll-Free numbers associated with a Tenant. Toll-Free numbers may be used for any Outbound Voice Queue or Outbound Campaign for caller ID purposes.

Queue Hold Treatment

When a call is placed on hold after entering a Queue a unique hold treatment can be played for that caller. Allowing for a distinction between initial wait treatment and subsequent hold treatment allows the Tenant to target the far end caller with focused announcements, new marketing material, offers, and unique hold music. 

Advanced Skills-Based Routing

Tenants can now create customizable skills and rate individual Agents on those skills for intelligent queue creation and call routing purposes. Using Advanced Skills-Based Routing will help ensure your callers get to the Agents who can best serve their needs. After assigning an Agent skill ranking from 0-10 for each skill, Inbound queues can be built with minimum skill levels to serve the queue. 

Tenants can automatically assign qualified Agents to the queue and have other qualified Agents serve as overflow if all other assigned Agents are otherwise busy. Unqualified Agents can still be manually assigned to a queue, if desired. Also, in addition to previous queue routing options of Round Robin, Longest Idle, and Fewest Calls, Queues can route calls first to the most qualified Agent of that queue and so on down the line according to qualification.

Date Preset and Favorites - Reporting

New Date Presets and Favorites have been added to Inbound Voice Queues, Outbound Voice Queues, Inbound Chat Queues and Agent Performance reports. Selecting a Date Preset from the dropdown will auto-populate the corresponding dates for the report. Once the Date Preset, Aggregation Interval, and Queues or Agents are selected the Supervisor or Admin can save the report as a Favorite. Saved Favorite reports are unique to the user who created the report and once saved, the report is viewable under a new tab titled “Favorites” Any favorite report can be pulled on-demand, printed, scheduled or exported.

Audio Library Categorization

The Audio Library now includes categorizations including Announcement, Music, Question, Recording Announcement, Ring Back, and Whisper Announcement. When building queues and hold treatments only files that fit the corresponding category will display. Admins can still override and search the entire library, if desired.  

 Customer Prepared Scripting

Tenant Admins may now save scripts within the CCS portal and have those scripts presented at the Queue level either as a call is presented, answered, or after a call completes. Scripts can help Agents cover necessary information during a call such as compliance phrasing, product information, sales reminders, and the like. 

 Mid-Chat Forms

Mid-Chat Forms gives the capability for an Agent or Coach to send a form to the Far End to fill out during a Chat session. Forms might include providing terms and conditions, collect contact information for customers, joining email lists, etc. Admins simply create the form questions and forms while assigning the form “Mid-Chat” Once the Mid-Chat form is created it will become available to insert into a Chat session. 

Personal Call Recordings and Call Details Access

Tenant Admins can now assign access to personal call recordings and call history details to individual Agents and Extension Call Recording (ECR) users. Recordings follow Tenant-level recording settings (30 days unless additional time is purchased) and call history settings (365 days).

 Mobile and Softphone CCS Status Change Functionality

Agent Control Panel (ACP) status functionality has been added to the Desktop (PC and MAC) and Mobile (Android and iOS) applications for CCS Agents. An Agent’s current extension and status displays an Agent can one-click Go Ready or utilize the dropdown for all available Away or Signed Out states built on the Tenant.