Installing and Configuring Yealink Cordless Phones via Cordless Phone Manager in the portal

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The Yealink cordless phone solution offers a variety of cordless handsets and base stations that can be configured via the Cordless Phone Manager page in the portal.

Follow these installation instructions to set up and configure your Yealink cordless phones:

  1. First ensure you've already created OfficeSuite extensions, and those extensions have numeric PINs assigned via the Extension Manager page in the portal.
  2. Unpack your Yealink cordless system. Connect the base station(s) to network and power. Assemble and charge the handset(s). Pair your handset(s) to the base station. Pairing instructions below.
  3. Log into WE Connect with administrator credentials and click "New OfficeSuite Portal" button. Hover over the Phone System icon and select "Cordless Phone Manager". To configure the base station, select the correct tenant and site at the top of the page, then enter the MAC Address of your base. Save. In the Handsets section, select the extension(s) from the drop list for each handset used with this base, enter a Display Name for each and Save. Configuration instructions below.
  4. Wait a few seconds and verify the Display Name appears on each handset.
  5. Make some test calls. Log out of the portal.
  6. Refer to the Yealink User Guide for your specific phone model for information how to use it including Voicemail retrieval key setup.

Pairing Yealink Handsets to the Base

Connect the base to network and power. Assemble the handsets and charge them.

Handsets that are packaged with a base station (e.g. W76P includes one W70B and one W56H handset) are pre-paired at the factory. Any additional handsets must be paired manually.

Long press the Connect button on the base until the registration LED indicator flashes.  

If the handset LCD screen prompts “Unregistered”, press the “Reg” soft key on the handset to register quickly.

If the Reg soft key does not appear on the handset, then press OK and then select Register Handset.

Select the desired base station and press OK.

The handset begins searching for the base station. Press OK once a base has been selected.

Enter the base station PIN (default 0000) and press Done to complete the registration.

Repeat with all handsets to pair to this base.

Be mindful of the order in which you pair handsets to the base. That’s the order in which you’ll assign extensions to handsets in the next step at the Cordless Phone Manager page in the portal.

Configuring a Yealink Base at the Cordless Phone Manager page in the portal

Log into WE Connect with administrator credentials and navigate to the Cordless Phone Manager page via the OfficeSuite flyout. Instructions for the new OfficeSuite portal are to hover over the Phone System icon and click on Cordless Phone Manager.

At the top of the page select the correct tenant and site where the base is located.

Enter the MAC address of the base found on the back of the base (e.g. 80:5E:0C:01:23:45).

Select the model of your base from the drop list (e.g. W70B). Click Verify & Add

Click the gear icon next to the base.

On the next page, select the extension(s) to assign to each of the handsets paired to this base. Leave the IPEI column blank for Yealink devices. Enter a Display Name for each. If left blank it will use the last name, first name from the OfficeSuite directory for each extension.

Save when done.

This creates a configuration file on Windstream servers for your base and pushes it down to the base with assignments of extensions and names to each handset. Within seconds you should see the Display Name appear on each handset and be able to make and receive calls.

Making Future Changes

Should you ever need to make changes to the assigned handsets or extensions, make your changes via the Cordless Phone Manager in the poral and Save. Allow a few seconds for the new configuration to download to the base and propagate to all the phones paired to it before making calls.