Auto-dial for Location Type Extensions

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OfficeSuite v10.0 introduced a new capability for Location Type extensions to be configured with an auto-dial function such that the instant you pick up the handset for such a phone, it immediately and automatically dials a pre-defined destination. Think of it like a hotline to another extension, group, auto-attendant, or an external number.

Applications of Auto-dial include entry phones located where visitors can pick up the handset to gain admittance to the property or courtesy phones placed about a retail store for customers to get connected instantly to the Customer Service desk.

In order to program a phone with Auto-dial, you must have:

  1. An OfficeSuite desk phone from Mitel or Poly
  2. That phone is logged into an extension of Location Type
  3. Your OfficeSuite services must be running OfficeSuite software version 10.0 or higher. Click here for details about v10.0 production rollout and how to determine your software version.

Programming Auto-Dial

Log into WE Connect with Administrator credentials and navigate to Extension Manager via the OfficeSuite flyout.

Click "Add Extension" to create an extension and select Location in the Extension Type drop list. (If you already have an extension defined as a Location then skip to the next step)

Click the edit icon on the row for that extension to expose the Auto Dial selection box.

Extension Manger - Compact View

Extension Manager - Extended View

Check the Auto Dial box to view the destination options

Pick a destination and select the appropriate extension number from the drop list.

Save when done.

Finally, log in a Mitel or Poly VVX desk phone into that extension. Pick up the handset to confirm proper operation of the auto-dial function to the desired destination.

NOTE: If you select Another Number as the destination, when you enter the number, you must enter the 91 prefix to get an outside line, e.g. enter 91 646 741 5293. Also, ensure the extension selected for auto-dial has call permissions to dial external numbers, including long-distance numbers.

Remember, this functionality only appears for customers whose OfficeSuite services are provisioned upon servers running OfficeSuite v10.0 or beyond. For the details of OfficeSuite v10.0, including the schedule of upgrades by server number, click here.

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