WE Connect Desktop App Release Notes (v

Scott Yelton
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Release Notes:

App performance improvements:

1.) Softphone SDK Update (4 channel microphone support).

2.) Shift to 64-bit architecture.

3.) App performance improved.

Issues addressed:

1.)  Desktop: WE > OS - Voicemail > Functional > Previous voicemail tile is not collapsing

2.) Desktop: WE > OS - Contacts > Functional > Search not showing filtered results

3.)  We prod - OS - desktop app - can't change account password - get OS live meeting page

4.) Windows: WE > OS > Account Settings - Change Password > Clicking on Change Password takes to OS Live page

5.)  Windows: WE > OS > Presence > Check mark removed from Follow Phone Status when DND enabled

6.) Windows: WE > OS > Contacts - Coworkers > Display a message if no coworker is found with the given search term

7.) Proper screen should come in case of "No Internet connectivity"

8.) Stayed logged in to the app for the day and next day when I hit sign out of the app it was stuck in spinning WE animation for long time (30-40 secs).


Note: with the new build, there are several performance optimizations that improve the user experience and portal speed.

For MAC users - The operating system must be Catalina or newer versions to adequately support this application

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