OfficeSuite Operator Panel User Guide

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The OfficeSuite Operator Panel is a Windows-based reception console software that allows a busy attendant to monitor an unlimited number of coworkers' phones and extensions, make and receive calls via the built-in softphone, easily drag and drop to transfer calls to other's extensions or voicemail, and customize the workspace to be optimal to suit their needs.

The OfficeSuite Operator Panel is ordered through your Windstream Sales Representative or Account Manager. Once the service is provisioned, download the software from the WE Connect customer portal Downloads page. Look for the OfficeSuite Operator Panel and click Get it Now.

Click "Quick Start Guide" for the Installation and User Guide.

Helpful "How To" videos from the software vendor.

In order for the OfficeSuite Operator Panel to monitor the status of a coworker's phone and to answer for that coworker, the receptionist's extension needs to be in a monitor group with the monitored parties and with monitor and/or answer permissions as the case may be. Read more about setting up and managing monitor groups.

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